More Than 100 iPhone Apps For Green Shopping, Eating, Travel and Fun

Shopping and Eating With A Smaller Carbon Footprint

For the Eco-Conscious Consumer

Greenpeace Tissue Guide Free Not sure which toilet paper or tissue paper is made from sustainably harvested wood or recycled paper? This app will tell you, helping you find which brands contain the most recycled content so you can make a decision that saves trees.

Find Green

Quickly find businesses and stores that are the most sustainable so you shop more conscientiously. Contains a database of over 56,000 businesses across 23 major industries, with more being added.


While shopping, this app will guide you through just how green a product is. Search its massive database of over 70,000 products for everything from soap to soy milk. Find out what is in the product, and how healthy it is for you and the environment.

Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons
Leave paper behind and get your coupons on your phone. The barcodes show up on your screen, which you show at checkout. We wish the coupons were a little broader in terms of how green the products are. But paperless where possible is a good thing.

Brings eBay to your mobile, allowing you to search for, bid on and track purchases. We especially like it for helping to buy secondhand from indie retailers.


Craigslist is heaven for a greenie. Search, browse, post and respond to Craigslist items. Loads of great features make it easier to find and keep track of items you need or are donating or selling.

Local Reuse
Keep items in the consumer stream. Use the app to donate or call dibs on an item within your neighborhood. Post and search within geographical area, category, description, and includes images.

Gorgeously Green Survival Guide
Shopping for sustainable cosmetics and personal care products is easier with this app, walking you through the hazards of choosing beauty products. Tells you where it's most important to buy organic, and the toxic materials that are in various products.

Cruelty Free
Easy shopping guide that shows you which companies and products are cruelty free. Lists over 200 US and Canadian companies that don't use animal testing.

Specific to Los Angeles area, but a great idea for app developers to take to other locations. Easy guide for area's green businesses. Access directories of over 1,000 shops and products, and access reviews. Browse your surroundings with an aerial map.


Enter your zipcode to find stores near you where you can pick up a free coupon book of organic products and foods.

Buying Food, Eating and Drinking

Harvest - Select The Best Produce $2.99 Tips and techniques for choosing the best produce in a store or market, from how to test a watermelon for ripeness, to how to store garlic for optimum freshness. Makes buying fresh foods easier so you can skip packaged meals.

A tool for people who want to buy local foods and goods. Shows you local retailers, farmers' markets, restaurants that buy from local farmers and so on.

Currently only in New York City, but it is expanding - thankfully, since we love this idea. Helps you find all the cafes and restaurants that will let you refill your reusable water bottle for free. Encourages sharing drinking water and ditching bottled water.


Eat local food when it's in season. Find out what foods are in season while you're at the market, so you know that you're buying as responsibly as possible. We'd love it to also feature a farmers' market finder, since these markets usually carry in-season produce.

Soleil Organics
If you can't get to a farmers' market and you're stuck in a grocery store, and you're on a shoestring budget, this app will tell you when you should splurge on organics, and when you can skip it.

Has one of the world's largest directories of vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants worldwide, so you're not stuck with just water while your friends gorge on steaks. Powered by the popular website.


For a large handful of major cities across the US, shop for organic markets, organic restaurants, and farmers' markets. Includes other features for organic gardening and shopping.


Find farmers' markets, U-Pick farms, craft food producers and farm box programs in your area. Maps business details, provides a seasonal produce guide, and more.

i Vegetarian
Vegetarian restaurant guide. Simple as that.


Over 100,000 menus from restaurants across the US, put on your phone, so you can make smart eating choices from picking a restaurant to picking a dish before even sitting down.


Find out what's vegan at popular chain restaurants across the US. Over 110 common restaurants listed, showing what vegan options are available on their menus.

Vegan restaurant finder, providing a search, contact information, directions, and more.

Vegetarian Cookbook
Skip buying a paper book. A slew of vegetarian recipes all on your iPhone.

Shopping list that remembers what you like best and helps you locate items nearby. Vegetarian and vegan friendly food suggestions to add to your list.

Veggie Passport
While traveling, don't worry about getting across that you're a vegetarian. Translates the message into dozens of languages so while you're traveling, you can just show the translated message on your phone screen to restaurant servers so they understand to hold the meat.

Green Sushi Selector

Lists all sushi fish by their Japanese names and their common market names, and tells you which are most sustainable. Keeps you safe by highlighting health alerts that may be in place for any type of fish because of elevated levels of mercury or PCBs, and tells you healthy limits for each type of fish.

Seafood Guide
Pick sustainably caught fish in restaurants and markets. App from the Monterey Bay Aquarium tells you which fish are safe, which are good alternatives, and which to avoid buying or eating.

Search 170 fruits, veggies, fungi, nuts, and herbs for what's in season in your area. Includes local seasons and import seasons.

Find all the farmers' markets near you. Over 4,600 listed for across the US, with schedules, hours, and locations.

A Field Guide to Buying Organic
Tells you what it means when something is labeled organic, teaches you how to identify organic items, discusses the most popular organic items in grocery stores, and delves into pesticides, GMOs, toxins and more.

Shopper's Guide to Pesticides
Tells you which produce to buy organic, and which conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables are okay if organic isn't available.

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