More Than 100 iPhone Apps For Green Shopping, Eating, Travel and Fun

Tips for Green Living, Eco-News, and Cool Green Games

Eco-Tips and News

GenGreenTips $0.99 Get a tip for going green on your phone, fresh each morning.

The Green Brief

Get tips for green living, and even better, get green news from leading sources sent straight to your phone. Stay current on green happenings (as if TreeHugger weren't enough...).

The Green Lemur
Search through tips to find green living ideas that you need right then. Also get a tip of the day from the green lemur.

Get Green
Daily tips for the green life covering a vast array of topics, from eco-friendly workplaces to low footprint Halloween decorations. Filters tips to come up during appropriate seasons and holiday events so you get relevant information for what's happening right then.

GreenSpot Lite
Get news, podcasts, editorials and more on sustainable green living. From organic gardening to sustainable business to eco-friendly design all from all the major news sources, including CBS, CNN, USA Today, Yahoo and more (though they include Fox in the line-up...maybe that's meant as a joke?).

Get eco news delivered to you daily, including reviews, vegan recipes, lifestyle news and tips.

iNews Green Tech
Get the latest green tech news on your iPhone. You can save it for offline reading, email stories to friends, and add news feeds. Sources include CNET, Scientific American, Yahoo, and more.

Green Living: The Missing Manual

O'Reilly Media has put out this manual that helps making eco-minded decisions easier. Loaded up with advice for work habits, home routine changes, shopping and other areas of life where we could use a little help greening up.

The Green Book Lite
A fat reference guide and tips resource for green living. Easily accessible information, and shows how even tiny steps can make big impacts.

Discovery Channel

Get video clips from Myth Busters, Man Vs Wild and other great shows, plus news, photo galleries, quizzes and other cool earth-oriented information.

Huffington Post Green

Huffington Post maintains an excellent green news section, which you can access through this app. Stay on top of the latest in green happenings.

Just Plain Smart Green Thinking

Recycler Free Know which plastics are recyclable, and navigate the sometimes confusing recycling stream. Helps you keep track of which can be recycled by your pick up.

A Real Tree
When you buy this app, a real tree is planted in one of 12 countries fighting deforestation, including Brazil, Zambia, Haiti and others around the globe. The app developers are in partnership with the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP).

Every time you plant a virtual tree on your phone, a real one is planted. The effort is a partnership of iPhactory, EcoLife and The Conservation Fund. Plant your tree, watch it grow and flourish, and know that there are real trees out there doing the same thing every time you plant a new one on your phone.

Earth 911 helps us recycle more effectively with this app. Access information on over 100,000 recycling centers nationwide where over 200 materials can be dropped off. Get directions to the nearest facilities, and call them directly from the search results.

Specific to the San Francisco, California area - but we're hoping the idea will spread. With the help of app developers, the city has created a tool that tells residents what materials can be recycled, what recycling resources are available, and the easiest ways to dispose of various materials.

Have A Little Good Green Fun

ECOCal $5.99 An interactive daily calendar of the earth and stars, with lots of interesting facts about wildlife and astronomy. Beautifully illustrated.

Save Our Snow
Clif Bar wants you to ski smartly to save the planet. It ranks ski resorts based on sustainability, as well as gives loads of information on ski conditions at those resorts.

Green Wars

An oxymoron in name and premise, this game nevertheless may prove to be a good time. Buy low, sell high is the goal, and it focuses on sustainable products like reusable shopping bags. Plays on green consumerism.

Geocaching Toolkit
For geocachers, get your waypoints, decrypt hints quickly, and easily make calculations that will get you from cache to cache. If you don't know what geocaching is, you *so* want to learn - it's a great green outdoor activity based on treasure hunting.

H2O Mission

Learn about water pollution with this fun game. The goal is to keep pollutants out of the water supply, or send it to recycling if it becomes too contaminated while still collecting enough water to sustain yourself. Practice for the global water crisis...

EarthTOIDZ Lite
Cool earth trivia. Play with your friends, or just grow your brain.

Star Walk
This augmented reality app guides you as you look at the stars. Point your phone at the night sky and learn what constellations, planets and individual stars you're seeing.

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