More Than 100 iPhone Apps For Green Shopping, Eating, Travel and Fun

Traveling the World and Getting in Touch with Nature

Travel With a Light Footprint

Twavel $0.99 Make green travel choices and shows how even little differences you make add up to a big footprint. Built-in social networking so you can share and get tips from other green travelers.

Download new maps for wherever you are onto your phone, and access them offline. Unlimited maps, for anywhere in the world. Access wikipedia and save notes within the maps so you can create your own travel book on your phone.

Ditch the carbon footprint of sending paper postcards while you're traveling. The app lets you send e-cards with photos you take on your phone.

Lonely Planet Travel Guides
Save trees and forget about the paper books. Get all your Lonely Planet guides on your phone. Guides are available for all the popular destinations of the world.

Hiking Calculator
Calculate your hike's duration, find out how much water you should pack with you, and calories burned (so you know how many organic snacks to take!)

iLocate Parks
Find information about all the parks in the area, plus directions for getting to them. Whether you're on vacation or at home, you'll know where green spaces are located.

Drinking Water
The idea for this one is great for helping people ditch bottled water - find all the free drinking fountains in the historical center of Rome. We'd love to see this app expanded to more places so it's easier to find free drinking water anywhere.

Bluewalks Walking Tours

Forget the bus tours - grab your phone and go for a guided walk. Travelers and locals guide you through tours focusing on architecture, books, movies or whatever suits your interests. You can create your own walking tour for others to enjoy as well.

Find hikes, campgrounds, bike trails and other outdoor adventures. Includes offline maps, geotagged photos, and you can filter for exactly the trail information you're looking for.

Make sure everyone on your trip knows where each other is located. When you're on a bike tour, hiking trip, walking tour or other activity, you can ping other people in your party so no one gets lost.

Get In Touch With The Wild Side

A Note: There are gads of wildlife identification apps. Here are a few to get you started, but we encourage you to browse around for more. Getting to know the flora and fauna around you will make you nicer and happier. No really, it does!

Peterson Field Guide to Backyard Birds

Get to know your feathered friends. Grab this app and head outside. App comes with images, recorded bird songs and calls, quizzes, and will filter species for your geographic area, among many other features.

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Prey
Many of the same features as the Backyard Birds guide, this one focuses specifically on raptors.

Featuring 35 trees found in North America, head out into the woods and see what arboreal species you can identify.


Specific to the UK, this app will help you identify trees native to Britain. You're asked a series of questions about the tree to help ensure you're identifying it correctly. It'll tell you in percentages the likeliness that the identification is accurate.

This app is probably more popular in the spring. It features 68 flower species common to North America. It's a great way to know what you're looking at the next time you see a flower you like.

Whale Song Project

Streams the songs of the whales in Kihei Harbor. Live whale music, on your phone - so cool! The project is dedicated to bringing awareness to whales, and app purchases help to keep the project going.

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