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Hypermiling, Cheap Gas and Car Care

Find a Car, Hypermile to Where You're Going, and Find a Spot to Park

ZipCar Free If you're a member of Zipcar, this app helps you locate and reserve a car from anywhere. View upcoming reservations, get directions to your car, and more.


Hypermilers rejoice. GreenMeter computes your car's power and fuel usage characteristics and evaluates your driving to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and cost, and lower your carbon footprint.

Instantly see how your driving habits affect your fuel efficiency so you can hypermile more effectively. Track multiple vehicles.


Avoid traffic by retrieving the current traffic conditions and incidents in the area and overlay them on a map, or display them in a customized listing.

PrimoSpot Parking
Find places to park your bike! (And car.) Works in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Boston areas. Anything that makes parking easier so you're not driving around spewing GHGs, or that makes cycling simpler, gets a thumbs up.

Car Care, Fuel Consumption and Finding Cheap Gas

CarStat $0.99 Track all the stats of your car, from fuel consumption to mileage so that you keep your car in fuel-efficient condition.

An accurate collection of U.S. retail gas and diesel prices. Launch the app and see the 10 cheapest U.S. stations closest to your current location. If you're still using a gas-powered car, this is a way to save money.

GasBag Pro
Similar to iGasUp, find cheap gas stations nearby. It's the fully-featured version of GasBag that has no ads, a larger map, and a faster load time. It also adds the ability to track multiple cars in the logbook.

Enter the odometer reading of your car, the amount of fuel added and the total cost every time you add fuel, and GasHog automatically calculates the fuel economy of your last tank, as well as historical averages.

Track your gas mileage statistics and get regular reminders about car maintenance so your car stays in tip top shape for fuel efficiency.

Carbon Footprint
Tracks your fuel usage for your car and calculates your carbon footprint, comparing your emissions to other Americans. Keeps track of your history so you can see your improvements.

Carbon Footprint
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