More Than 100 iPhone Apps For Green Shopping, Eating, Travel and Fun

Monitor Your Home's Energy Use, Switch to Solar, and Get Automated

Home Power Monitoring

Green Outlet $2.99 Works as a (less accurate) substitute for power monitor. Enter in your appliances and estimated usage, and it predicts your energy bill. It provides ideas on where you can cut back energy use by showing you which appliances are costing you the most. You can also buy carbon offsets through TerraPass.

Killowatts Electric Meter Reader

Monitor your home's electricity use in real time by taking precise measurements of your meter. Does not work with digital electric meters, only conventional meters since in order to take the reading, you need to time the rotation of the dial. Helps you monitor and improve energy use.

Enter your appliance information and energy usage statistics, and Kill-O-Watts tells you how much energy your appliances are consuming and what it costs you. Choose from 120 appliances on record, or create your own specific appliance. Compare energy stats of appliances before purchasing, and get tips for curbing energy use.

Get a quick, at-a-glance look at your home energy consumption. The developers purposefully made this as simple as possible. You enter your own info for this app; it can't read your meter.

MyUsage Mobile
If you have a smart meter, this app allows you to check out your home energy and water usage data anytime, helping you better manager your carbon footprint, your resource usage, and your monthly bills.

iGuides Energy Tips
Access tons of tips for reducing energy use in your home, including heating and cooling, insulation, windows, and more.

Home Solar Power Systems

Solar PV $2.99 Find out what solar PV system you need to be able to go off grid with your electricity. Includes system size, number of panels, amount of space, cost estimate and helps you design the perfect PV system for you.

SunPower Monitoring
If your home has a SunPower solar system connected to SunPower Monitoring, you can monitor the energy produced by your system in real-time from anywhere. If you don't have a system, being able to access your energy generation data like this might egg you into getting one!

Echo Solar
In conjunction with an Echo Solar PVT system, which combines solar PV systems with solar heating and ventilation to decrease grid energy use, this app allows owners to monitor how well their system is doing so it is always at optimum performance.

Home Automation and More Cool Home Energy Tools

Cortexa Free In conjunction with Cortexa home automation system, you can automate your home, controlling lighting, heating and cooling, etc to minimize energy use.

Power Saver Home

Calculate how much money you can save each year by changing out your light bulbs. Provides estimated energy savings, time span for realizing a return on investment, and the lifespan of new CFL bulbs.

Green Charging
Launch the app when you start charging your phone and it'll notify you with sound and vibration when your battery is fully charged so that you're sure to unplug your charger when finished.

Make changes to your phone and computer settings to conserve battery life, charge your phone less, and reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, a tree is planted when you buy the app. Take quizzes, compete on energy savings with people around the world, and get tips and notifications.

CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator
In three quick steps, you can calculate how much money you'll save by converting light bulbs to CFLs. You can customize the calculations to ensure it is accurate, including your location, electricity pricing, cost of purchasing bulbs and so on.

Wind Speed Converter
If you use wind chargers - handheld chargers or personal wind turbines - this could be handy. It converts wind speeds between the most common units.

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