More on Solar Panels Boosting Haiti Relief Efforts

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Sol Inc. is making good on its commitment to help power Haiti relief efforts with solar energy. The company said in January that it planned to send about $400,000 worth of photovoltaics to the earthquake-ravaged country to help with round-the-clock relief efforts. Electricity was scarce in Haiti following the Jan. 12 quake, but sunlight was not. The panels charge during the day and illuminate the night. Mario Gonzales, a Sol Inc. staffer who's assisting with installation of the lights, snapped the picture above, of a system installed at University Hospital.The pic gives you a glimpse of what the conditions are like in Haiti.


Sol officials say about 40 lights have made it to Haiti, and a shipment of another 90 are planned. The equipment that's been installed has reportedly helped expanded relief efforts at several sites in Port-au-Prince, the capital city. There are ongoing problems with getting supplies to the country, Sol Inc. officials say, and they're looking for help with logistics. Contact info is on the company web site.

Mario has been sending daily dispatches from Haiti on how the efforts are progressing.

"The huge medical camp near the Port-au-Prince airport where Doctors without Borders, Partners in Health, the Red Cross and many other volunteer doctors are working does not have adequate nighttime light," he said in a Jan. 23 progress report.

"We worked with the team on the ground to install lights at this camp and the results are tremendously helpful for medical care and security."


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