More Indoor Gardening

To bring out your inner scientist, along with the gardening urge: your own personal hydroponic garden. This one is designed by two Swedes who lament our lack of connection to nature, due to the fact that people are moving to big cities and parks are becoming fewer and fewer. The Streamgarden is a hydroponic cultivator designed for plants. It is for people who travel frequently but still want to be greeted by a living plant when they return home.

Hydroponic systems are used by NASA in space, and commercial greenhouses worldwide. It's a tank system that doesn't require earth, just water and fertilizer and an electric pump. Grow your own mint, herbs or geraniums and be welcomed by something healthy and inspiring. The designers have also created an internal plant wall for offices and they invest 10% of their annual profit in renewable energy. :: Green Fortune via :: Financial Times

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