Moonbell Lets You Create Music Based on Lunar Topography

moonbell lunar music image

Image via Pink Tentacle

It's one thing to get music recommendations from your Pandora radio station. It's a whole other thing to have the moon craft what you're listening to. Moonbell will do just that, creating music based on information gathered about the moon's topographical layout. Pink Tentacle writes:

Moonbell is an automated music generator that plays musical scores based on lunar topographical data obtained by Japan’s Kaguya (SELENE) explorer during its orbit around the moon from late 2007 to June 2009

lunar music graph image

You can listen based on the topography below a set orbit around the moon, and you can change that orbit as you'd like. Or, you can create your very own unique tune with "free scratch" mode, during which you drag your mouse over the moon's surface to carve your own musical trail. You can even specify which musical instruments are used for playback.

It would be amazing to see this for the surface of Earth as well, perhaps with an emphasis on environmental spots of not - for instance, maybe hearing peaceful harmonies generated when focused over pollution-free spaces, and dissonance when you pan over, say, areas marred by mountaintop removal. It'd make for a musical way of checking out the health of the planet.

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