Mobile App Helps Citizens Report on Gulf Oil Spill

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For staying as up-to-date as possible, as well as participating in the reporting of the Gulf Oil Spill, Map The Spill has created a mobile app that turns your cell phone into a citizen reporting tool. From photos to videos to field notes, users can keep each other abreast of the latest on what's happening in the gulf, helping to keep everyone informed and mobilized. Map The Spill's app is available for the Android and Blackberry, and a version for the iPhone is on its way. Users can upload photos, videos and reports, as well as download all the freely available information. It's extraordinarily helpful to organizations and groups working hard to help clean up the disaster in the gulf. It even works as a data collection device in areas without cell coverage.

The app is intended to be a great tool for activism:

"Map the Spill empowers the general public to report meaningful, science-driven information like never before. You can help by reporting oiled shorelines, stressed or dead wildlife, and other spill-related information. Consider walking a section of beach on a regular basis. Join a response team. Ask friends and neighbors to join the efforts."

If you're anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico and have a smart phone, definitely consider downloading and using this free app. We all know getting accurate information about the spill has been incredibly tough for reporters, so the more eyes, ears, and cell phones on the ground, the better.

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