Mitsubishi Makes Tiny OLED Squares That Create Humongous TVs (Video)

oled tv squares image

Image via YouTube screengrab

OLED TVs. They're coming, we're promised, though we have to wait at least another three years or so (or maaaaaybe sooner) before we see anything bigger than 32" TVs can be manufactured cost efficiently. However, a massive 155" TV my Mitsubishi is being shown off right now at gadget fest CEATEC. In fact, the technology behind it can be utilized to make TVs of unlimited sizes. Check out a video showing off the massive TV and how it is made after the jump.

Take this with a grain of salt for any near-future applications, since Mitsubishi isn't even releasing a price point for the squares, but the fact that digital displays could be custom sized and wrapped around curved buildings will be a big draw when the company is ready to release it on the market.

And when it comes to digital billboards, this could be not only very energy efficient, but also efficient in materials use in that a defective square could be replaced without having to call the whole billboard broken. The 2.5+ year lifespan isn't too bad either, though it is a little nerve-wracking when considering how many of those digital squares would end up as e-waste. Recyclability is a big question.

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