Meet the Machines Destroying Our Forests Faster Than Ever Before (Videos)

Modern technology is a wonderful thing, except when it's not. That ol' grump Karl Marx had a hunch that businesses would be forced to harness technology to stay competitive, resulting in machines that were more and more efficient and that required fewer and fewer human jobs to operate them. And he was right! (I better watch my back; I don't think you can type 'Karl Marx was right' in any context in America without landing yourself on the terrorist watch list or getting your house burned down by Tea Partiers) Nowhere is this more evident than the timber industry.

After all, it wasn't so long ago that it took a team of lumberjacks to cut down trees with saws, by hand. Nowadays, companies need to mow down trees faster than ever before, to avoid losing market share to the other companies that are mowing down trees faster than ever before. And you wouldn't believe the kind of machines that have been designed to fell trees: they do so at an astonishing rate. Our friends at Motherboard have rounded up the worst of them. Here are videos of the nastiest: On top, essentially a big truck that smashes through trees, the John Deere 843J is pretty nasty indeed.

Below, we have the Disc Trencher, a super-efficient brush-clearer and ecosystem-destroying machine.

But neither have anything on this infernal contraption. This is the most terrifying of them all: the Timberjack Walking Machine. It was previously used as the villain of Robocop 3, I think, and to cut those peaceful blue Avatar creatures in half.

For more like these and more in-depth commentary, head over to Motherboard

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