MEC Nixes Nalgenes


Mountain Equipment Coop, which dominates Canada's outdoor retailing scene and which helped make the Nalgene bottle a fashion statement, has given them the boot, because of growing concern about the gender bender chemical Bisphenol A in the polycarbonate plastic.

"The products have been pulled from the shelves and we're no longer selling them," said Tim Southam, a spokesman for the retailer, which has 11 stores and annual sales of about $222-million. "We've been following this issue quite closely and it's one we've seen an increasing concern among some members."


From the Globe and Mail: Environmental Defence, a Toronto group that has been lobbying Health Canada to ban bisphenol A from food and beverage uses, praised the retailer and said other companies should follow its lead.

"The fact that a retailer of this size, dealing in this volume of polycarbonate products, would make this decision should be a real wake-up call to other retailers," Richard Smith, executive director of the group, said. ::Globe and Mail

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