Massive 6-Meter Globe Made of 10,362 OLED Panels, Offers Interactive Earth Experience (Video)

6-meter globe image

Image via video screengrab

Mitsubishi has created a six-meter (nearly 20-foot) OLED globe at the national Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, comprising 10,362 panels each measuring 3.78 inches square.The globe, called Geo-Cosmos, is absolutely gorgeous, and it is an interactive display -- viewers can watch everything from locations of different species to the impact of the March 2011 tsunami. Check out a video showing off the globe.

globe birds image

Above, a species of bird is highlighted over the part of the globe where it lives, and below, the tsunami wave is tracked all the way across the Pacific Ocean:

globe tsunami image

OLED Display reports on the globe, noting how it displays constantly updated satellite images of the earth. The "Geo-Scope" touch-screen panels let visitors to the museum search through data and view it on the massive globe. The globe is an interesting, not to mention gorgeous, use of OLED technology.

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