Massachusetts School Taps into Geothermal


The Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, Massachusetts is getting geothermal wells installed on campus. It's a move, school officials say, that will save money in the long run and coincide with the school's efforts to become more eco-friendly.

The school is using geothermal energy to provide heat and air conditioning for its middle-school building. Although the system will cost more than a conventional setup, the school expects to save $17,000 a year, making up the difference in six years and cashing in savings from that point on.

"The geothermal wells are underground, so the kids probably won't even notice a difference," Steve Ginsberg, the school's business manager, tells The Boston Globe. "As we build, we're going to be very aware of how we could do it the 'more green' way." Other such projects at the school include waterless urinals and heat-trapping double-pane glass. ::The Boston Globe

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