Mark Morford on the "Honeybee Apocalypse"

We've written about "colony collapse disorder" and the massive decline in honeybee populations a number of times here at Treehugger. Yesterday, and San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford offered his two cents on this disturbing development, and we thought it was worth a nod. According to Morford,

What's killing all the bees? Is it some sort of new, ultra-resilient parasite? Is it pesticides? Overbreeding? Stress? Pollution and genetic diddering and cell phone towers? Is it Ashlee Simpson? No one has a clue. Check that: A few smart people have a clue or two (it's a newfangled parasite! says the guy who helped find the cause of SARS), but at this point they're basically just guessing. Most say it's likely some complicated tangle of causes, some mishmash problem that won't be so easy to decipher.

I know what you're thinking. And yes, chances are very good we'll figure it all out before the Great Pomegranate Wars of 2010. Surely we'll manage to finagle and wend and sneak our way out of yet another calamitous man-made (or at the very least, man-assisted) natural catastrophe because, well, this is what we do. We're a scrappy species. We have science and money and brains that deduce. Surely we'll find a way to seduce the bees back to life and it's entirely possible you've already read about and then forgotten this disturbing story entirely because, well, what the hell can you really do about it?

Doom and gloom? Perhaps. Morford's Swiftian approach may put some off, but there's also a glimmer of hope here that we can respond to this "karmic bitch-slap" and see the "honeybee apocalypse" as a canary in the mine moment that spurs us to action. At the very least, we can laugh...

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