Malls Get Help with Water Management from WeatherTRAK

mall parking lot

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We don't normally think of malls as having a whole lot of landscape to water, and yet even their relatively tiny strips of grass and shrub beds are potential sources of water savings. WeatherTRAK, the smart water system developed by HydroPoint Data Systems, is helping malls in the Western US implement water conservation programs. WeatherTRAK has been installed in 30 malls in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington as part of a pilot water conservation project with Regency Centers.

We've all seen sprinklers going in parking lots on a damp day, or worse, when it's raining. This irrigation system takes a look at weather reports before giving sprinklers the OK to turn on, helping to cut water use by 59%, and water run off by 71%. Regency Centers expects to save as much as 42 million gallons of water each year thanks to WeatherTRAK.

If a set of malls can save that much, imagine if all shopping centers and business complexes...and home owners...installed smart watering systems!

Via Earth2Tech
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