Maker Faire Heads to Africa

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We've been a fan of Afrigadget for a long time now, which highlights the ingenuity and resourcefulness of people in Africa. We also are big fans of the Maker Faire, which is the hub of cool hacks and mods, sparking the creativity that drives our tech into better, greener places. Now, the two are combined...Maker Faire is going to Ghana!

Like previous Maker Faires in the US and Europe, Maker Faire Africa would serve as a showcase for independently developed technologies, hacks and projects from amateur and small-scale makers. Unlike those events, the Ghana Faire will serve as a chance for many of the attendees to meet in person for the first time, and exchange ideas that have been regionally confined until now. Given the broad array of locally appropriate solutions we've seen over the past couple of years on Afrigadget and elsewhere, getting these guys together in a single place could be genuinely revolutionary, especially if vendors able to support their activities with improved resources are included.

Emeka Okafor, director of TED Africa, and Eric Hersman, founder of Afrigadget are just two of the folks in the organizing group. The faire is scheduled for August 13-15, 2009. It will become a major hub of creative, green tech thinking, and will help innovators get their designs off the ground and into the marketplace.

So if you happen to be in Accra, Ghana this August, this is a must attend event. Check out Maker Faire Africa for ways you can help out with the event without leaving your living room.

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