Maker Faire 09: The iFixit Global Repair Community

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Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

What is Maker Faire without people encouraging others to fix their own gadgets, appliances, automobiles and, well, anything else they own? The iFixit Global Repair Community provided just such a resource, helping people learn how to fix just about anything.


One of the major bonuses to the community is their emphasis on eliminating e-waste. The literature at the booth focused on why e-waste is harmful, and how people can save the planet by fixing their own stuff, rather than replacing it.

The community's goal is to empower you to fix things yourself. From troubleshooting to parts and tools, to repair guides, they have your back.


No item is too big or too small. If it functions, then breaks, more than likely you'll be able to fix it. That goes for everything from simple pieces of furniture to complex computers.

And if you're good at fixing things, maybe you can help. They're asking for people to create step-by-step repair guides to share with others. If you're interested in helping out and whipping up a guide, visit iFixit's site.

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