Maker Faire 09: Green Stuff I Wanted to Buy at Maker Shed

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Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

The Maker Shed at Maker Faire 09 had loads of very cool books, kits and gadgets, including quite a few green-themed items. Despite the fact that it would have been really fun to load up one of the cardboard shopping baskets and bring home solar gadget kits and geeky books, I reminded myself that I don't actually need any of these things and managed to resist. Instead, I took photos so that I could share them with you, because, well, maybe you need them! Check out my wish list of cool green stuff from Maker Shed.

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Who can resist a book that tells you everything you need to know? How To: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know gathers materials from vintage guidebooks and common sense to tell you how to do all kinds of stuff that you might have never thought you wanted to know, stuff you already know but might want to improve upon, and stuff that you'll probably never need to know but, hey, now you do.


An Altoid tin, a couple rechargeable batteries, and this kit, and you've got what you need to have a tiny booster pack in your back pocket for your small handheld gadgets.


Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things shows you how to take stuff that seems to have one use and hack it into something that actually has a lot of green uses. It teaches you everything from crafting new garments to making a robotic recycling bin. This one was especially difficult not to slip into a shopping basket.


Power House Green Essentials Edition is a cool kit for experimenting with renewable energy and sustainable living via simulations. You basically build a house and test out different heating, cooling, and insulation techniques, power generation methods, and even play with appliances to learn about green housing. science toy ever!


Little tiny toys that go vroom in the sun. Solarbotics had tons of kits for various solar powered robots that really serve no purpose other than being a lot of fun to put together. Then again, the purpose could be putting your brain to the task of giving these simple robots a purpose. It is Maker Faire, after all.


A solar theremin kit caught my eye. Again, an Altoid tin, a soldering iron, and this kit and you can have a little gizmo that sings to you while you sit in the sunshine.


Tweet-A-Watt kits were available. Ever so tempting, except I don't even have a Kill-A-Watt to hack with this so that helped me pass it by.


And finally, The Backyard Homestead reminded me of seeing MAKE Editor in Chief Mark Frauenfelder speak at ETech on the things that make urban homesteading so great.

The piles of DIY books, hack tips handbooks, kits and cool gadgets was just overwhelming. I have no doubt there are many a DIYer heading home with backpacks full of new toys and reference materials.

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