Make The Easiest Cardboard Laptop Stand

cardboard laptop stand photo
Photo via Green Upgrader

I've had two problems with my laptop that has sent me hunting for solutions. First, I find myself hunching over my desk to see the screen, and second, to help it cool down every so often, I have to prop it up with whatever random object happens to be on my desk at the time. I've been trying to figure a way to solve both issues at the same time without buying anything, so far to no avail. But a miracle happened. Green Upgrader has created a downloadable design for a cardboard laptop stand. Issue: solved. Click through for instructions. All you need is a piece of scrap paper, pen, scissors and a spare box. Download Green Upgrader's pattern (or, if you're like me and don't own a printer, trace it ever so gently off the computer screen), trace it onto the cardboard, cut out the shapes, slip them together, and be happy you just created a cool, minimalist stand for $0. Thank you, Green Upgrader.

I am so looking forward to this 5-minute craft this afternoon.

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