Make Hay launch Green Hosting in the UK


For those of you running websites in the UK you’ll be pleased to here that the ethical e-media company Make Hay have recently launched a green hosting service. is powered by 100% wind power and offers three hosting packages starting from £10 a month. ‘The servers, routers and data centres are all powered by this renewable energy source via the purchase of 'Green-e' energy certificates.’ Make Hay explains: ‘The certificates show that clean electricity has been bought by our provider and that it covers 100% of their power use. When the wind is blowing, wind farms local to the servers and data centres generate electricity. That electricity is 'tagged' for the use of our provider and sent to the grid.’ While Green Hosting and Make Hay are based in the UK the wind power is actually being provided by wind turbines in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. We not sure why it’s not possible to use the wind blowing across the British Isles, but we are glad there’s an opportunity to make our online dealings greener than before. Make Hay design and manage websites for ethical businesses such as Ethical Weddings. They also started the Make Noise online community which seeks to raise the profiles of ethical and environmental businesses. :: Green Hosting :: Make Hay