Magtenlight Powers Your Bike Light With Magnets (Video)

The time change isn't here quite yet, which means many of us are still riding our bikes home in the dark after work. A bright bike light is therefore a must, and there are a lot of systems available that gather a charge while cycling. The newest one is a system that hooks up to your bike wheel but is entirely frictionless, relying instead on magnetism. Inhabitat writes that the system uses 28 magnets attached to the bike's spokes. As they pass by the Magtenlight in the center, power is generated. The lights are all lit in a way similar to a dynamo system, but without any physical contact or friction, so no wear and tear on the device, and no resistance to slow you down as you ride.

According to MagtenLight, the kit has a white LED on the front, and double RED on the back, and the system keeps the rear lights light for up to 4 minutes even when not moving. The lights are 15 Lux, as long as you're traveling around 9 mph. Safe cycling, without batteries. Here's a video of the kit being installed on a bike.

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