"Magi-Cam" Uses Mirror-Covered Robot to Record Camera-Shy Animals (Video)

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It can be tough work to capture animals on camera without disturbing them in their daily routines or making them nervous on their home turf. However, a smart device called the Magi-Cam could solve this problem, using remote control to navigate a camera camouflaged with mirrors.
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It reminds me a lot of the mirrored treehouse we saw awhile back, only smaller, on the ground, and robotic.

The BBC is testing out this new device on American black bears, notoriously shy and easily spooked animals, and apparently it works just fine.

mirror magi-cam image

Plus, it can follow the animals around -- well, at a distance -- and help keep some space between animals being watched and the humans doing the watching. Here's a video showing how it works:

The Awesomer notes that mirrors are the oldest trick in the book for camouflage, but in this case it seems very modern. Such a device could be great for tracking many kinds of animals in forests and other habitats where there is room for something on wheels to move around without getting stuck.

mirror magi-cam image
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