MACEF 2005: Glass with Class

Glass gets an ambiguous score as far as environmental goodness goes. It may use more than its fair share of energy to make, but it is super durable, and recyclable at the end of its life. If you're buying quick, disposable votives, go with paper, but if you're buying beautiful objects for the long term, it's a good bet. And it it looks gorgeous. Designers at this year's MACEF sustainable design competition sure thought so. We scoured the entries for the best looking glass pieces, so that you can save time looking and get on with finding out how to get your hands on these prototypes...Set the mood in your apartment with the Moa Cast Glass Votive holders by Raija Siikamäki, or these beautiful slumped winebottle candleholders from Marius Urbanavicius. Or, for a little more light, try Unwined, a cute little lamp from Edward Smyth. Finally, since you're having a romantic dinner by candlelight, be sure to have your salt, pepper, and sugar covered with the Bottoms Up shaker set by Aki Kotkas.
::MACEF Awards at DesignBoom::[by DM]


Moa Votives by Raija Siikamäki's

Slumped Winebottle Votives by Marius Urbanavicius

Unwined Lamp by Edward Smyth

Bottoms Up Shakers by Aki Kotkas