MACEF 2005: Bags to Beautiful

"Paper or plastic" is a pretty loaded question; Either one you pick is just one more parcel of material filling up a landfill, dirtying a city, or choking a seabird. That is, if you don't reuse or recycle them. But there are more than enough reasons not to keep them around. Storing them is bulky, they don't fit lots of trash cans, and most people don't relish the idea of carrying their lunch to work in a supermarket bag, or replacing their purse with a plastic sack. Lucky for you, there are intrepid designers who entered the 2005 MACEF Design Awards this year are working hard to change that...Obviously, your best bet for green living is to minimize your use of throwaway bags. But, for those times when you absolutely have to bring plastic bags home, these designs keep you from throwing them straight into the trash.

First off, the least you could do is reuse your bag one more time as a trashcan. And Roland Kaufmann's V Bin is a great solution to help you do that. Its flexible sides adjust to hold up whatever bags you've got, and keep them from collapsing into a disgusting bachelor pad heap under the sink. Or, if you're partial to those fancy metallic canister bins with the nifty foot-powered lid, Tim Knossalla and Radtke Bjoern have the perfect solution for you with this Wull wastebasket. It uses regular Aldi-style shopping bags, but a clever mechanism lets it pop open on command.

Of course, everyone gets more bags than they can ever use for trash, so they end up storing them. Who doesn't have a bag of bags hanging on the closet handle, or a cupboard full of the darn things? With that in mind, Inna Alesina offers the Truly Yours fillable furniture line. Each cushion module is filled with grocery bags, and strapped together to provide custom configurable furniture that gets as big as you need (We love it, although some color or fabric couldn't hurt).

Finally, why not re-use bags to make re-usable bags! Rebagit by Piotr Stolarski re-forms old shopping bags into a new versitile sheet which can then be used to make sturdy shopping and messenger bags. He even suggests using the material for other products like lamps.
::MACEF Awards at DesignBoom::[by DM]


V Bin by Roland Kaufmann

Wull wastebasket by Tim Knossalla and Radtke Bjoern.


Truly Yours fillable furniture by Inna Alesina

Rebagit by Piotr Stolarski