Looks Like a Crashed UFO, But It's Really a Solar Water Cleanup System

Solar Powered Water Cleaning UFO photo

Photos NTT Facilities and Manichi Daily News.

This funky-looking disc looks like a satellite crashed to earth, or a prop from 70's TV show 'Lost in Space' but it is actually a solar-powered water cleaning system just installed in two of the grungier canals in the Japanese city of Osaka, according to the Manichi Daily. To make it stranger (or smarter) a system of LED lights make the disc light up like an amusement park ride at night. And for the ultimate in scare-the-kids hilariousness, the solar-powered water-cleaning disc shoots a fine spray of (filtered) water into the air periodically, in part to keep the panels nice and cool.

You'd never get these babies off the ground

While they are referred to in the Japanese press as 'UFOs' these solar water filters are massive, weigh 3.4 tons each, and would never be able to get off the ground. Tokyo's NTT Facilities built two of these UFO Solar Water Filters for the Osaka Aqua Metropolis 2009 festival which started over the weekend. At 5 meters high and 1.6 meters tall, the discs can filter 2,400 gallons of water in their six hours of daily operation. They run entirely off the solar panels, and at night the LEDs use a 1.3 kilowatt solar-charged battery.

Thus far, the discs aren't being considered for commercial operation, mostly because they wouldn't be cost-effective. One of the solar filters will stay in Osaka's Dontonburi canal until late October, while the other will stay in the Osaka castle moat until March of 2010. According to Luke McKinney at the DailyGalaxy, Tokyo has plans to install some of its own Solar UFOs. This doesn't seem like off-the-wall technology - shouldn't there be a way for this type of device to work in all the sad, in need of cleaning waterways out there? Via: Pink Tentacle
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