Looking at Public Spaces


This small exhibit of street furniture by Swiss designers shows an inventiveness and creativity that is a breath of, well, fresh air. The ingenuity shown in creating a water trough at the end of a down spout (pictured) makes such perfect sense. Another is a hanging garden outside a window which acts as a shutter as the plants grow. The bicycle park occupies the space of one parking spot and serves as a stand for 6 bicycles (in the shape of a car, of course).

Another show piece uses the inexpensive wood from packing cases as parquet flooring for outdoors. An un-used fountain has a mirror attached and is transformed to an outside amenity. Instead of chains to block off spaces, giant colourful "necklaces" and "charm bracelets" are decorative, witty and do the same job. Food for thought. :: InOut Via :: Financial Times

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