Lights Out in London: June 21

They've done it already in Sydney, Paris and Hong Kong--now it's London's turn. On June 21 between 9 and 10 p.m. the lights will be turned off to raise awareness of global warming. Many of London's most famous landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, Canary Wharf, the BT Tower, Harrods, the Savoy, the Ritz, the National Theatre and some government ministries will be black. Maybe even 10 Downing Street, residence of the Prime Minister. The organizers, a radio station, have planned it for the longest day of the year so it won't be quite as effective. But since it is London, B and C-list celebrities have also pledged their support, including singers Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kim Wilde and Jamelia, and Capital Radio DJ Johnny Vaughan. There had been great hopes that a black-out could be arranged for the night of the Live Earth concert on July 7, but this idea was nixed because of fears of a disaster when the power surge afterwards took place. However local events seem to be safe enough, and organizers are hoping that there will be candle-lit picnics and dinners across town. Teaming up on the same day is Carbon Free Day, a day not to use fossil fuels. Suggested actions include: turning off the lights, walking or biking, eating local food and using very little water. :: Lights Out London

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