This life-sized compressed air car built from LEGO just won the internet

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What do you get when you combine crowdfunding, outside-the-box thinking, 18 months of hard work, and half a million LEGO pieces?

From the looks of it, you get to conquer the internet with a full-sized LEGO car, powered by compressed air.

The Super Awesome Micro Project car, which was initially launched with a single tweet, is the brain child of an Australian entrepreneur, Steve Sammartino, and Romanian technology enthusiast, Raul Oaida, and can not only drive, but can get up to 18 mph.

After receiving funding from 40 backers, the project was on, and over the next 18 months, the Super Awesome Micro Project came together in a fusion of ingenuity (and a whole lotta LEGO action).

The LEGO car, which is powered by four orbital engines, using 256 pistons driven by compressed air, was built in Romania over a period of about a year, and then shipped to Melbourne, Australia, for its inaugural drive:

While we probably won't be seeing too many other zero-emission rat rods built from LEGO on the roads anytime soon (perhaps because of the estimated cost of $60,000, or because having a daily driver made from plastic bricks isn't the most optimum choice, or because any e-bike could probably beat it in a speed trial), it's nevertheless an innovative way of using old-school materials and ingenuity to build something the world has never seen before.

Find out more about the Super Awesome Micro Project.

This life-sized compressed air car built from LEGO just won the internet
So you think you're pretty handy with LEGO? You ain't got nothin' on the Super Awesome Micro Project car.

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