LG Under The Gun for Cheating on Energy Efficiency Testing

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Can you trust these guys? Image via LGEPR

LG has not been the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to gaining street cred for green labeling. They had their Energy Star label stripped from several of their refrigerator models after it was discovered that the fridges far exceeded Energy Star requirements for electricity consumption. Now they've been caught red handed rigging the testing process in Australia.

Red Ferret brings our attention to LG's mess up, as reported in The Age. The article states, "LG Electronics has agreed to compensate potentially thousands of consumers after two of its fridges - models L197NFS and P197WFS - were found to contain an illegal device that activates an energy-saving mode when it detects room conditions similar to those in a test laboratory."


The device will trip into a special low-power mode when the ambient temperature inside the fridge is between 22 and 32 degrees and the door hasn't been opened. But in actuality, the refrigerator models use far more electricity than their rating in general use. The cheat device was discovered by an Australian consumer group called Choice, and it represents the third time LG Electronics has been caught making false claims about its products' environmental credentials.

It sure isn't the quickest way to get people to buy your products.

But the more important point to highlight is the fact that these types of false claims are being caught. That is a big deal for ensuring other companies don't try to cheap their way into green homes.

Makes you just want to take your Kill-a-Watt with you when you go appliance shopping, doesn't it?

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