LG OLED TVs Already Hitting Stores

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Earlier this year we heard that we could expect OLED TVs to hit the market in the next 18 months. We saw the early stages of that when Sony's XEL-1 OLED TV hit stores at the beginning of the year. And it looks like LG has bumped that estimate up a little more, at least in South Korea where an OLED television by LG was spotted on display. Ubergizmo writes that this super thin, super pretty OLED TV is on sale in a South Korean store for $2,500. But there's no label marking it as a specific model number - just "LG OLED TV."

But that price tag is the very reason why we don't have more of these on the market. While OLED displays are the latest in high color, low power technology, manufacturers have still not devised a way to make them as inexpensively as LED, or LCD for that matter. So, it may still be closer to a year (or likely more) from now until we see OLED televisions on the market at practical prices....and sizes - this TV is only 15 inches, a size that is far too small for American television consumers. Still, it's bigger than Sony's XEL-1 - the first mass produced OLED television - which is just 11" and priced similarly.

So, why OLED anyway? OLED displays use a fraction of the energy to create vivid, colorful displays, with manufacturing technology that allows them to be quickly and easily mass produced. They will be about twice as energy efficient as LCD displays. This video explains how they work and why they're green, but the short story is as more states like California crack down on energy-sucking TVs and appliances, OLEDs are going to need to play a more prominent role in the market place.

We'll see what other OLED TV models are on display later this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas where I'll be reporting the latest in green tech.

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