LG Introduces Solar Powered e-Reader

solar powered e-reader photo

Photo via LG Display

Well we thought we had all the latest about e-readers rounded up in one place for you, but turns out the weekend gave us another cool development. LG has introduces a solar powered e-reader, so you can take your books off the shelves, and off the grid. LG's press release states, "The thin-film solar cell featured in the e-book measures 10 centimeters in width and length, it was developed to perfectly fit the 6-inch display panel for e-book currently mass produced by LG Display. The solar cell measures 0.7 millimeter in thickness and weighs a mere 20 grams, the less thickness of a credit card and the weight of a fountain pen. "

With an efficiency rate of 9.6", you'll have a full charge after 4 to 5 hours in the sun. It looks like the solar cell is placed in a protective cover for the e-reader, so you can remove the e-reader in order to get your solar charge. At least we're hoping anyway, since you aren't going to want to set your e-reader in the sun for hours.

There's no information on pricing or availability.

Via TGDaily
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