Let's Talk About Pellet Stoves


Photo credit: solangelem

Pellet and corn-burning stoves and furnaces are a hot (ha!) topic here at TreeHugger, for good reason; they can provide an alternative to gas or electric heating, and generally have fewer particulate emissions than burning wood. In some cases, though, the idea of replacing or augmenting your current heating setup with a pellet/corn-based option creates as many questions as it answers, as we found in an Ask TreeHugger column dedicated to the subject.

If you're keen to cut the fossil fuels out of your home heating equation, or are an experienced pellet burner happy to spread your knowledge around, check out the sites and forums at IBurnCorn.com and IBurnPellets.com; from pre-purchase questions to brand-specific questions, where to find pellets to the big picture of where stove use relates to global warming and the environment, there's lots of good tips and pertinent info for those who want to burn biomass instead of gas or coal. Check 'em out at ::IBurnCorn.com and ::IBurnPellets.com via tipster Gary

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Update: Check out our guide to Buy Green: Pellet Stoves over on our sister site, Planet Green. You know they're a great green way to heat -- learn where to get one and take action today!

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