Let the Bamboo-ing of iPad Begin - Cool Hack Warms Up a Tablet Device

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Last year, bamboo covers on notebooks and netbooks were all the rage. This year, tablet devices are all the rage. So it was only a very short matter of time before we started hearing about bamboo-clad tablets. The hacks for tablet devices are rolling out, thanks to handy folks excited to customize their gadgets. And a couple talented DIYers are making a tablet device with a cover that could be much more warm and welcoming than what you'd pick up from a store shelf. Customizing a Tablet with Bamboo
Make writes, "Tablet mods are really starting to take off. Jez over at sammynotebook.com is in the midst of cramming a Samsung N110 into a custom bamboo and aluminum case with promising effect. Add a decent screen with capacitive touch and you'd have a decent machine. It's also nice to see the use of sustainable materials showing up in a build like this."

It is admittedly cool to see someone going all out on customizing their electronics and creating a bamboo-covered tablet device. It takes creativity, and fearlessness around electronics and relatively expensive components that is rare in mainstream consumers (especially those who have been eagerly waiting for an expensive iPad..it'd take guts to get one of those home and start hacking it). Though, the project itself isn't too expensive, using a 1" thick bamboo cutting board for $12, though milling it to custom fit the components takes patience.

Liliputian writes, "The easy stuff involved upgrading the operating system to Windows 7 Home Premium and throwing in a touchscreen display. The tough part involves disassembling the netbook and putting the important bits back together in the new case."

Greening Up Tablet Devices
The eco-friendliness of the iPad in terms of materials consumption and environmental impact is still up for analysis. Just today, we TreeHuggers had a discussion about whether or not the iPad will really help us cut down on materials consumption. Maybe, maybe not - it's really down to individual purchase decisions. But the New York Times does have a nice lifecycle analysis of the iPad. However, when it comes to bamboo covers, we know that for electronics they might help turn them into devices that a user keeps longer, since it is more unique and beautiful, but it doesn't do anything to cut down on the environmental impact, really.

Still, a bamboo case on a tablet would sure look lovely.

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