The Leftovers: Solar Powered Tanning Salons (No, Really), Smart Grid News and More!

Revend Launches Light Bulb Recycling Vending Machine - Environmental Leader
"U.K. corporation Revend Recycling Limited has launched a “reverse vending” recycling machine for the collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs and batteries. Ikea will be placing the units in some of its European stores."

GreenMonk TV talks flywheel UPS’s with Active Power - GreenMonk
An interesting video interview - "Active Power make flywheel UPS’s so we talked about the technology behind these and how they are now becoming a more mainstream option for data centers."

Rocky Kistner: GE Brings Green Lights to Life - Huffington Post
"At GE’s historic 90-acre Nela Park in Cleveland--home to America's first industrial park and to GE Lighting--a light bulb revolution is underway that could help solve one of the world’s greatest environmental threats: climate change."

Solar-powered tanning - a step too far? - BusinessGreen.
"Sunlounge Tanning was spotted by comedian Kyle Kinane while driving through Southern California and, well, it has left us confused to say the least."

Connecting Californians to the Smart Grid - Greentech Media
"California’s three big utilities are being asked to share their customer’s energy data with each other, with their customers, and with the world. "

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