Ledalite's Ergolight Touts 80% More Energy Efficiency

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Image via Cleantechnica

If you want a lamp to be super efficient, make it shut itself off when no one is using it. That's the premise behind the Ergolight, a lighting system that takes the need for a switch or dimmer out of the equation for office buildings. From the David Suzuki Foundation:

Ledalite Architectural Products: Based in Langley, B.C., Ledalite's office lighting technology, Ergolight, incorporates sensors and computer-based dimming controls to provide significant savings in energy costs. Customers using the Ergolight system have experienced major decreases in energy consumption, in some cases up to 80 per cent. Ergolight has been installed in more than 2.5 million square feet of office space throughout North America.

Using smart lighting is an excellent way to cut back on energy use without lifting a finger, literally. Offices are notorious for leaving lights on for no reason, simply because someone turns on a light and forgets to shut if off when leaving their desk, or the last person out for the day forgets to flip the switch (though apparently not an issue among TreeHuggers). Combining daylight sensors and occupancy sensors covers the bases on controlling lights so they're use as sparingly as possible.

Via Cleantechnica
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