LED Light Bulb Aims Light Only Where You Want It

directional LED bulb image

Images via Yanko Design

Designer Seokjae Rhee has come up with an interesting idea for an LED bulb that can light up a room only where you want it to. With a remote control, you can aim the light in a particular direction or adjust the range of the light.

directional LED bulb image

Yanko Design writes, "The bulb has six distinct sections to it, and via the remote control you can change the brightness and direction of the lights. The theory is that we use many bulbs and light sources in a room and most of the time they are unnecessary. This one bulb can be powerful enough to illuminate the entire room or segments which light-up required areas only."

directional LED bulb image

The idea could eliminate the need for several lamps in different corners, allowing one bulb to accomplish the same segmented lighting. But the question is, setting mood lighting aside, why not just light the whole room?

Since LED bulbs are becoming all the rage (thank goodness), we'll see more interesting designs such as this hitting the lighting scene. That is, until crazy cool OLED concepts take over.

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