LED Lamp Sticks to Windows for Solar Charging

solar sticker light image

Images Via Ecofriend

The Lucet lamp is an interesting concept design by industrial designer Rui Palma. It's not the first idea for a window-sticking-solar-style light we've seen, but it's a bit more realistic. The unique shape and easy movability means a user can make bright, beautiful designs on their windows, or take them off the window to light up the room at night. There's just a couple problems......or rather, possible tweaks that could be made.

First, it uses AAA batteries to store the solar power. This is bad in that we'd like to get off of these types of batteries altogether. Plus, it would take quite a long time in the sun (asa in several days) to charge AAA batteries to full. But, this isn't all bad because it also means that the lamps could double as a battery charger for AAAs used in other devices. And because the LED bulbs use such little energy, it wouldn't take more than a full day of sun to run the lamp for several hours in the evening.

solar sticker light image

But here's the second problem. Small LED bulbs like this aren't necessarily bright enough (yet) to light up a room, so it would take quite a few of these lamps to make much of a difference in a room's lighting. But, if used for accent or mood lighting, this would make a great green(er) option.

All of this is, of course, might seem like nit-picking since this is still just a concept design. Yet, if this device makes it to manufacturing, we hope issues like these are taken into consideration.

Via Ecofriend
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