LED Flashlight Combines Solar and Pull Power So You're Never In The Dark

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Solar powered flashlights are great, but you have to wait for a charge. Pull-cord flashlights are great but you have to work for a charge. But what about one that combines both so if you're short on light or short on energy, you still get a charge? The ECOPower Solar Pull Light combines two sources of reliable alternative energy to make sure you've always got a light in a pinch. The ECOPower Solar Pull Light has one replaceable lithium battery so even when that wears down, you don't have to toss the whole light.

You can set it in direct sunlight for 5 hours to get 30 minutes of charge or 5 hours of daylight inside for 15 minutes of light. You'll only get 5 minutes of light from that same 5 hours of indoor lighting, though. Basically, as long as you have it sitting on a shelf that gets some sunlight, you'll have a charge next time you want to use it. But if you don't, there's back up!

The dynamo generator is powered by a pull cord, and 1 minute of continuous pulling gets you 18 minutes of light.

This is perfect for a greener reading light or emergency flashlight solution - perhaps something to put in your emergency go-bag along with battery-powered options. Too bad there isn't an option for different brightnesses so that what charge you have can last longer depending on how much light you need. But the 3 bright LEDs will give you all the light you need.

Cost is $20 bucks.

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