LCA Training Courses Online this Spring via PRé Consultants and Earthshift

The folks at Pré Consultants in the Netherlands not only produce SimaPro Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) software, they also offer a network of software distributors worldwide that provide training courses in a variety of languages. Here is the link to their global training calendar for interested Treehuggers that want to learn more about LCA.

For our North American readers there are courses coming up in Houston, TX, Portsmouth, NH and Portland, OR. As well, you can do online courses regardless of your location. Do check out these courses, as I can say from experience that they are well planned, greatly informative and the people you meet are worth the price of admission. The US trainers come from Earthshift who form part of the Earthster program, which we’ll be reporting on in upcoming weeks. Check out the full list of training courses offered here.