Largest Solar Farm Ever to be Built in California


We know you're probably getting tired of reading these "world's largest" stories day in and day out, but bear with us: as long as these companies keep building them, we'll keep on reporting on them. Case in point is the latest endeavor by Cleantech America LLC, a San Francisco-based company that claims to be building the world's largest solar power "farm."

The 80-MW San Joaquin Valley Customer Choice Solar Farm, which will be located near Fresno, California, will, at 640 acres, be 17 times the size of the current U.S. title-holder, the 4.6-MW Springerville Generating Station near Tucson, Arizona. It will also be approximately 7 times larger than the world's biggest existing plant and twice the size of the largest planned farm, both in Germany. "We're pretty confident that solar farms on this scale are going to have an industry-changing impact. We think it's the wave of the future. This scale of project, I think, creates a tipping point for renewable energy," said Bill Barnes, the CEO of Cleantech. Upon completion, Barnes hopes to sell the solar-generated energy (enough to supply 21,000 homes, he claims) to the Kings River Conservation District, a public agency that provides power generation for 12 cities and 2 counties in the surrounding area. In addition, Cleantech announced last week that it also planned on building a 5-MW solar farm on 40 acres near Mendota, whose energy will be delivered to PG&E;.

Via ::CNNMoney: Cleantech green-lights largest solar farm ever (news website)

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