Laptop Becomes A Stovetop with Electrolux Mobile Kitchen Concept

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Deisgner Dragan Trenchevski has come up with a concept any college student would love. Or anyone living in a tiny apartment, really. It is a laptop that acts not only as a digital cookbook, but as a cooking surface too. Usually we would warn to keep your laptop out of the kitchen, well away from grease, liquids, heat, and so on. But one designer thinks that not only does a laptop belong in the kitchen, but that it should be the kitchen.

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This laptop is a digital cookbook, with gads of recipes a budding chef can search through. Once a recipe is selected, it becomes a stove top.

electrolux laptop image

Using induction heating, the cook can select how hot the surface needs to be to cook the particular dish.

electrolux laptop image

Oh, and did you want cheese on that? Yep, there's a grater embedded in the notebook as well.

electrolux laptop image

This design is kind of crazy -- there's some obvious problems like trying to run a computer right next to a heat source. I would think that the screen wouldn't last all that long what with boiling water or frying veggies immediately next to it.

That said, the idea is intriguing. After all, we love design ideas for living in small spaces and we're seeing the use of tablet devices in kitchens more and more as people use them as their cook books. This design might not ever be reality, but it's certainly interesting to gawk at.

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