Lantern Concept Grows Sapling Trees While You Hike

sapling lantern image
Images courtesy of Franklin Gaw

Designer Franklin Gaw has come up with an interesting concept that brings new life, quite literally, to camping lanterns. It can help you replant the woods you enjoy walking through while also lighting your way. sapling lantern image

The idea is to have the lantern double as a terrarium, which can grow saplings of native trees. When the sprout is large enough to plant, you pop open the lantern, and transplant the sapling to help replant the forest.

sapling lantern image

The idea is interesting enough but I can't help but wonder how the heat from the light source affects the sapling. The lantern would need to use an LED bulb and probably have an open top or some way to let the excess heat escape so that it doesn't burn the foliage of the plant. That, or use a bulb so dim that it can't necessarily help you find your way through the woods at night.

sapling lantern image

Issues with the design aside, I do like the idea of combining camping and hiking with replanting trees. There's nothing like literally carrying a tree around with you to remind you of the most important features of the landscape you're enjoying, and to protect wild habitat. I could definitely see this as a popular kids' toy on camping trips.

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