Landfill Island? Eco Park? How About Both, Says Singapore

landfill eco park singapore photo

Photo courtesy of World Cities Summit

When we last checked in on Singapore’s island landfill Semaku in 2005, plans were in motion to retool it as a destination for eco-tourism. We’ll believe it when we see it, we said. Well, looks like we’re about to see it—with less of the tourism and more of the eco. Singapore recently announced Semaku is on track to become an eco-park; a testing bed for renewable and clean energy technologies. Semaku was created in 1999, and it’s 8 kilometers off Singapore’s coast. Right now, it’s primarily used as an ash depository from the incinerators around the country. Though the details have yet to emerge, the purpose of the new eco park will be to foster research and development of renewable energy technology, and to investigate new applications for clean energy.

The unlikely landfill/eco park may very well be realized—then again, that eco-tourism park never showed up, and that was 3 years ago. Stay tuned.

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