Kunstfabrik Art — a Product Service System

An Arts and Corporate Sustainability Forum will be held in Sydney, Australia next week, so it seems timely that we make note of these guys. Let's say that you run a corporate office, a health clinic, government department, or similar, that has a public foyer area. You want to project a strong cultural presence but can’t afford to buy a gallery full of artworks. Maybe what you’re looking for is another of those Product Service Systems (PSS). (provision of the function – without the product)Kunstfabrik (Art Factory) can provide you with the service of ‘corporate’ art, without the concerns of transport, insurance etc. You, in essence rent the art, although you are also patronising the contemporary art scene too. The artists get to have their works exhibited in a variety of locations. So let Kunstfabrik worry about the nitty gritty of installation. You can exchange the painting, sculpture, etc, if you get bored with it. No need to throw it out or have sit in a dusty closet. Those extracted materials that created the artwork can now go on to grace another office. And you're providing a fresh atmosphere in your public space. All we need now is for the 'pieces' themselves to be crafted with benign materials and processes. ::Kunstfabrik - in German. [by WM]

Painting 'Was Wird Wenn' by Isolde Leinholz