Kodak Making OLED Lighting Better, With Help From DOE

Kodak has been working on OLED lighting. Last year, the company revealed the world's first OLED digital photo display device, and it looks like, thankfully, that wasn't the end of the line for them. In face, the Department of Energy wants to make sure of that.They recently received $1.7 million from the Department of Energy to work on OLED lighting.

According to OLED Display, Kodak states:

"The object of the proposed project is to construct OLED lighting panels with efficacy (> 50 lm/W) and lifetime (>20,000 h) superior to most of the current commercially available luminaires. The lighting panels will be constructed of 15 cm x 15 cm lighting tiles that can be used to build lighting panels of different sizes and shapes. The architecture is based on small molecule OLED and comprises four key technology components that enable this achievement: internal light extraction-enhancement structure, low voltage design, stacked architecture, and fluorescent-phosphorescent hybrid emitters. The proposed project will focus on developing structures and processes suitable for high volume, low cost manufacturing (ie Kodak VIST technology) of these OLED lighting panels."

So, cheaper, greener lighting to be expected from Kodak? Looks like it.

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