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A while ago we presented Scryve to you, a company rating service that lets you know where a company falls on the ethics scale. Well, we’ve just learned about a Firefox add-on that is a great alternative to Scryve.

Knowmore Firefox Extension is an easy-to-use alert and rating system so you can instantly know what grade the website you’re perusing has eared in five major categories. How Knowmore Firefox Extension Works
The Knowmore Firefox Extension is an open-source, collaborative project that helps discover and share information about businesses that are browsable on the web. Looking at Worker Rights, Human Rights, Political Influence, Environmental Impact, & Business Ethics, the websites receive a series of icons that represent each category and that are colored red, yellow or green, depending on where the company falls. A user can see the icons right next to the URL title during a websearch on major search engines. It can even integrate with Amazon to make shopping extra easy.

Knowmore Firefox Extension also alerts browsers to issues of concern about a company when they open the website. So, unobtrusively at the top of the page, you’d see a message about why you should be aware when patronizing that site.

Mash-up of Screenshots from Knowmore Firefox Extension Search Possibilities

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It’s a very small operation right now, only providing information for about 30 businesses during searches, though the database holds information for about 200 businesses. But, it is open-source, which means YOU can get involved in helping to get more companies into the database.

Using Tools to Make Green Purchases
This kind of quick-access consumer knowledge is really encouraging to see, especially when it comes to environmental and related concerns. However, because databases for all these kinds of services are in their baby and toddler stages, you should take the info in as extra input, but be sure to also do your own investigations to be sure that the info you’re getting is as accurate as possible. In addition to the info gathered from Knowmore, also utilize services like Good Guide, Scryve, and depending on the product, EPEAT, Seventh Generation's label reader, and other sources so that you can make a confident green decision.

Knowmore had just hit the 10,000 downloads mark and has won 2nd place at the NetSquared Mashup Challenge, so hopefully it is well on its way to becoming a reliable source for ethical company info.

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