Kiss Penguins Goodbye if the Planet Warms 2 Degrees Celsius: WWF

emperor penguins photo

photo: Martha de Jong-Lantink

Though the jury is still out on whether global warming had anything to do with large numbers of dead penguins washing ashore in Brazil back in July, according to a report from WWF if global warming increases temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius more than half of Antarctica's colonies of Emperor penguins could be wiped out.

WWF's Antarctic Climate Change Coordinator, Juan Casavelos, described the problem as very serious, "Antarctica and the Arctic are the most threatened regions from climate change. In the Antarctic Peninsular, the temperature has risen 2.5°C in the past 50 years, which is five times faster than the global average." Casavelos went on to describe how these temperature increases have impacted penguins:50% Drop in Penguin Populations in 50 Years
Casavelos said that in the past 50 years in which temperatures have been rising in the Antarctic, emperor penguin populations have declined by 50 percent. On the Antarctic peninsula's northwest coast, Adelie penguin numbers have "dropped dramatically in the past 25 years". (Reuters)

Three-Quarters of Adelie Penguins Will Die
The report makes the following predication:

Fifty percent of the colonies of the iconic emperor penguin and 75 percent Adelie penguin colonies face marked decline or disappearance if the global temperature is allowed to rise 2 deg C above pre-industrial levels.

The findings of the report, :: 2°C is too much!, were presented at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

via :: Reuters
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