Kenyan Biofuel Expansion in Wetland Halted by Court, Temporarily

Sugarcane transported by truck photo

photo by Erin Collins

Plans by the Kenyan government to approve expansion of sugarcane cultivation in the Tana River Delta by Mumias, the nation's largest sugar cane producer, have been dealt a blow by the courts.

As reported by Reuters, the Malindi High Court ruled last Friday that environmentalists and representatives of local livestock groups could apply for judicial review of the project. Until this judicial review is completed the project has been halted.
What Is At Stake in the Tana Delta
According to Nature Kenya the Tana Delta is a refuge area for 350 species of bird, lions, elephants, sharks and reptiles. It is also an important dry-season cattle grazing area for local farmers. Nature Kenya says that the project will cause "irreversible loss" of ecosystem services such as flood prevention, carbon sequestration and provision for traditional medicines and food.

via :: Reuters
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