Just What We Needed: Russia Building Another Floating Nuclear Power Plant

floating nuclear power photo

image: OPK via NYT

Yes, more floating nuclear power plants in Russia. The New York Times reports that United Industrial Corporation (abbreviated OPK from the Russian) has announced that the first of its floating nuclear power plants will come online in 2012 and be used to help power Vilyuchinsk on the Kamchatka peninsula:The plant itself will be shaped like a ship, be about 475' long by 100' wide and have two 35 MW reactors on board. Construction on the so-called KLT-40C plant has already begun. The cost: €226.8 million ($326 million).

Two prime touted benefits of this sort of plant as per the New York Times: 1) The ability to tow them into position in remote locations to supply energy intensive industry; 2) Placing them at sea could avoid nuclear power NIMBY backlash.

The second is of course possible only because the entirety of marine life can't speak up for itself.

Russia Loves Floating Reactors
This is the second time in recent months that Russia has made the headlines with >floating nuclear power. Back in May, state nuclear company Rosatom announced plans to deploy four similarly sized floating reactors to help power Arctic oil exploration.

via: New York Times
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